Sunday, 6 January 2008

Some More Holiday Snippets

Let’s try this again…. Let us reassure you that some very sober, yet very fun, activities did actually take place during The Holidays. Here are some of the highlights:

The Royal Yacht Britannia
Despite Mags’ apparent attempts to seize the throne, visiting the Queen’s now-decommissioned floating palace was in fact actually not her idea. Not that Mags didn’t enjoy it, of course. Because she did. Even though there were no actual thrones.

All in all, Mags is glad she’s not royalty though. All that whist-playing and to-the-millimeter measured table-laying would get to her eventually, and she’d probably run amok on the decks, yelling “God Save the Queen” in a very Sex Pistols kind of way, and get thrown in the brig for treason to herself. Nope, Mags is satisfied with brief glimpses into the sumptuous royal lifestyle. And sumptuous it is… here’s a peek (remember, this is all on a ship. It’s not a house. Not a palace. ‘Tis a ship!):


Ooh, Mags likes Jenners. There’s always some interesting department tucked away down a little staircase that leads to another dimension. One can quite literally get lost in the maze that is Jenners for hours, until one finds one’s way back to the central bit, which, with its Christmas tree and lights, was worth showing to Maw and Paw Wally during an exploration of Princes Street.

The Torch Parade
The Vikings came. They saw. They burned a longboat. Behind them came about 20 000 people all with torches, creating a river of light down The Mound and along Princes Street.

Go, Go, Go, Joseph
Cheesy, very cheesy. Out of all the Wallys, Mags was the only one who hadn’t been to this cheese-fest. She knew Joseph wasn’t a serious documentary on the Biblical story, but she hadn’t quite expected so much cheese. It’s a good thing all the Wallys like cheese.

Slightly more seriously, it was good. Cheese is fun, and this touring production of Joseph was loads of fun. Very cool to see Scots Craig Chalmers and Keith Jack, from Any Dream Will Do (the Reality TV Show to choose the new Joseph), on stage doing their thang and doing it really well.

Since no pictures were allowed of the actual show, here’s a gratuitous shot of the Edinburgh Playhouse for you:

The Sizzling
Following on from The Sozzling Incident, came The Sizzling. Let this be a lesson to you all on how not to invite your parents to dinner:
  1. Book a table at The Sizzling Scot, a traditional Scottish restaurant, for your parents’ last night in Scotland.
  2. Realise two minutes before leaving to catch the bus that you don’t have bus fare.
  3. Make your parents pay for your bus fare to the restaurant.
  4. Get to the restaurant, only to be told that they have no idea who you are and no record of your booking.
  5. After some confusion, because you know you’re where you’re meant to be, sheepishly use the restaurant’s phone to phone the other Sizzling Scot restaurant on the other side of town to cancel the booking.
  6. Accept one of the tables that the restaurant that you meant to book at but actually didn’t, has available.
  7. Eat heartily, and then make your parents pay for the meal.
  8. Still have no bus fare, so make your parents pay for the bus back home too.
Thanks, Maw and Paw Wally!

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