Friday, 5 December 2008

A Typical Day At The Office

09:30... Rub head repeatedly against corner of monitor while purring loudly. Try to get Mags to stare into my eyes rather than the computer screen. Paaayy meeee atttennntionnnnn! Want second breakfast!

11:00... Cat onnahead onnamat onnadesk innaoffice. Is winter. Is cold.

14:00... Pour heaps of scorn on impertinent birdies in tree outside office window.

14:05... Pour heaps of scorn on Mags for not doing something about the impertinent birdies.

15:00... Have forgiven Mags. Now is cuddletime on Mags' lap. Warm here. Big purr.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I was starting to despair that the infamous "Workmore Monster", had by accident swallowed you all! (Not to be confused with the more famous "Loch Ness Monster.) Your most recent blog at least attests to the fact that MacNoodle is alive and well. How do the rest of you fare? Has the "DIY Monster" been kind to you or has she demanded fingers, skin or at worst, some real human blood? Do show us some pictures that of that which make the sacrifices worthwhile...HF