Thursday, 26 March 2009

Winter Olympics

The daffodils are blooming, the farmers are out ploughing, it's about time Alien Wally and Mags come out from hibernation. What better way of welcoming Spring than by publishing a collection of Winter pictures?

While the UK experienced their coldest winter for thirteen years, Edinburgh was spared much of the disruption. Despite his pleas to the Great Snow Man in the sky, Alien Wally did not find himself snowed in and unable to make his way to the office. That's not to say that snow didn't fall, Pencaitland had a fair dusting.

While Mags was covering the story from Pencaitland during the day, Alien Wally was in Edinburgh on his lunch hour.

Generally, on days such as these, Alien Wally accepts defeat and drives the car to the nearest station, the idea being that four wheels offer more grip than two. The plan fails however when conditions appear great first thing in the morning, only to start turning white as the day progresses. This is the "oh I'm so happy to climb off this thing now" picture taken by Alien Wally upon his arrival back home; just before what was to be the most treacherous part of the journey - getting the bike up the driveway into the garage.

All this sliding around put ideas into their heads however, and they headed off into the Lammermuir Hills to try out their Winter Sports Skillz.

First up, Alien Wally testing the slopes...

And finally finding his feet.

Next up, Mags demonstrating the cautious start...

But finding her form early on

Some Winter athletes spend thousands of pounds on equipment in an attempt to be the best, but Alien Wally and Mags have just shown that equipment is no substitute for raw talent; an old piece of linoleum flooring recently ripped out from a kitchen is all you need.

With the crowds baaing for more, it was time to head back to a floorless kitchen.

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