Tuesday, 24 April 2007

The Eternal Optimist And The Unbeliever

Mags is an eternal optimist. Hence, her suggestion this morning that Alien Wally check to see if The Internet was yet flowing into their household. Because, even though NewNet said it would only start on Thursday, she was optimistic. No, said Alien Wally glumly, there was no way. If they said Thursday, then Thursday it would be. But Mags insisted he check, just in case. Because there was no harm in checking at least. And so he did, muttering about how it wasn't going to work anyway. You can probably guess where this is going, right? Yes, clever you - this post is proof of the fact that The Internet Has Come! There was much rejoicing and squealing, and random surfing. It was all very overwhelming and Alien Wally and Mags didn't quite know what to do with themselves. They have now managed to calm down enough to start using The Internet sensibly, which means Amazon orders and online shopping. Hmm, oh yes, and perhaps a job search or two.

But, before this post gets sidetracked, it is important to remember that this blog is not solely about Alien Wally and Mags. It is, of course, really about a funny fluffy thing called the MacNoodle. So, here, by popular demand, is the latest paparazzi shot of said fluffy one.

The paparazzi caught the MacNoodle as she was practising her Killer Death Grip. This photograph is finally proof that Madam does not actually spend as much time in her heated bed as she would have Alien Wally and Mags believe. They have always been suspicious that she has a secret training regime on the go, based on her still slim waistline, but now they know for sure that she is planning on taking them out and taking over the world. Or at least Human Resources. MacNoodlebert is a much more creative name that what that silly cartoonist came up with.

In other news, Alien Wally was very happy to find a church with his name on it, one which will allow him to rise above it all.

Just in case there was any confusion, this particular church provides signposts to help devotees climb their way to Heaven.

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Wormy said...

I likez this church. I would go this church.