Friday, 4 May 2007

Worse than Simon Cowell

So there they were, Mags and MacNoodle, sharing a quiet cuddly snuggly moment, Mags sitting on the floor of the MacNoodle's cage with the MacNoodle curled up on her lap. All was quiet in the cattery, apart from the radio playing in the background. And then a Crowded House song came on, and Mags couldn't help herself, she had to sing along. Surely, the cats would love this treat? But no, apparently not... the MacNoodle stood up abruptly, turned around, grabbed Mags' hand and bit it hard, causing Mags to cease and desist from making that awful noise. Mission accomplished, the MacNoodle curled back up and went to sleep, leaving Mags to ponder the sad fact that she would never ever be an Idol, not even amongst cats....

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