Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Retirement Party

Well, Alien Wally had to have a chat with Suit, since his services were no longer required. Yes indeed, Alien Wally has landed himself with a Job where thankfully a suit would be out of place. However, this means that Suit has been forced into early retirement. Thinking a bit of uisce beatha might smooth the conversation, Alien Wally poured a couple of drams.

Unfortunately, Suit didn't take the news very well, and began hitting the bottle a wee bit too hard. Soon the retirement party was in full swing, with Suit performing some Tom Waits karaoke, but Alien Wally has learnt about his limits and beat a hasty retreat.

Things got a bit out of hand, and when Alien Wally returned he discovered the following scene...

Sadly, there was no recovery. The only option was to bring in the body...ehm, suit bag.

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