Friday, 4 May 2007

Birdie Num Nums

Advertising is key to a product's success, however an advertising campaign is also a very expensive exercise. Where better than in Scotland to pick up tips on scoring free advertising for life. The trick is to select the right mascot for your product, and then to develop a direct link between the mascot and product in your target market's brain. Relying on Pavlov's principle, the target market will be reminded of your product whenever they see the mascot.

While out surveying the countryside in the middle of Edinburgh last weekend, walking through Holyrood Park, Alien Wally and Mags were confronted by the following:

Needless to say, this bird of paradise looked vaguely familiar. Hurrying back to flat, suspicions were confirmed, and thirsts were slaked:

Clearly, the idea is therefore to choose a mascot that your target market is very likely to encounter. The graceful guineafowl would be a money spinner for Klippies, and while Amarula's elephant may be the stereotypical African animal, when last did you see one walking up the slopes of Table Mountain? Famous Grouse might just as well be called Famous Nessie.

Alien Wally has however decided to stick with Pavlov's proven stimulus, and is eagerly awaiting the gentle chiming from the nearest church:

PS: Some of you may be concerned about Alien Wally's apparent obsession with whisky. This is absurd. Why, just yesterday he managed to find a supplier for Pilsner Urquell, a fine beer that is sadly not available from the local supermarket. The fact that he went hunting for a supplier shortly after unwrapping his special Pilsner Urquell beer glasses has absolutely nothing to do with Pavlov or advertising, and was a pure coincidence.

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joe manikin said...

Dearest Alien Wally, Mags and MacNoodle
We Miss you, you sad alcoholic bunch.
Cape Town is cold and VERY wet. Just the sort of weather where you sit in front of the fire staring into a cup of apple juice (my pretend whiskey) and wonder how you lot are getting on.....
and it seems you are truly PAVLOVED.
Loving the blog
Hugs and farts