Sunday, 20 May 2007

To set the record straight...

So it seems that Alien Wally has been trying to convince y'all that he and Mags aren't obsessed with alcohol. Well, Mags has just reviewed his post and is a wee bit concerned with how his efforts seem to have got slightly derailed. She'd now like to set the record straight: between bouts at the pub, she and Alien Wally have actually been seeing some sights of a different kind...

The Wurrrms
Early morning. Portobello Beach. One lone man digging up the entire seafront. Mags had to know - and now really wishes she didn't. It would be far better to be in blissful ignorance of the big wurrrms that live under the sand, ready to attack any sandcastles that might be built on their turf. Seems that even the beach has its own version of earthworms, though these wurrrms can get as long as about a metre and have nasty pointy teeth. Seems that even these aren't enough to prevent them from being skewered on a fish hook and used as bait though.

The Zombies
Early evening. The Royal Mile. A cute narrow close. With a dead man lying at the end. Blood, gore, zombies and a Matrix-like Neo fighting them. Did Alien Wally and Mags rush away to call the Lothian and Borders Police? No. Did they rush towards the action? Yes. Are they, well, stupid? Potentially, yes. But, never fear... it all turned out to be the making of an Edinburgh University student film. Alien Wally and Mags provided the students with some practice at how to deal with gawkers and groupies, oohed at the students' talent for throwing fake blood, and clapped heartily at the end. And then they escaped to...

The Ghosties
Late evening. The Real Mary King's Close. Buried under the city chambers lies this perfectly preserved close from the 1700s or thereabout. All the residents were evicted and their houses built over, leaving the rooms and streets all as they were. A bit eerie, but no ghosties in the end unfortunately. A tad disappointing that none came out to play, really - it would have been a fitting follow on from the zombies and the wurrrms.

The Culture
The next weekend. The National Museum of Scotland. Alien Wally and Mags took a guided tour and also checked out the Pixar special exhibition. It felt rather like being time travellers, zooming from ancient picts and vikings to Nemo and Buzz.

Well, Mags hopes that she has allayed any concerns that she and Alien Wally have just been pub crawling since they've been in Edinburgh. Although, reading back over her blog entry, she feels slightly worried that it sounds like the hallucinatory ramblings of someone who's had one too many. Wurrrms? Zombies? Ghosties? Ancient Scots and bright orange fishies? Did she mention that Greyfriars Pub is just across the road from the National Museum...?

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