Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The (almost) final countdown

At the start of March, six months stretched out in front of the MacNoodle like... (hmmm, pause while Mags tries to think of a suitable simile)... like a... well, like a cat oozing its way off its owner's lap in an attempt to get ever closer to the heater.

But yesterday was a double celebration here, as the MacNoodle has completed two-thirds of her time in captivity. Four months down and two to go! Madam celebrated by throwing a party in her cage, tearing up the newspaper as she pounced on that darned piece of string that just always seems to evade capture. A while into the party, noisy gatecrashers pitched up - two cats being transferred from one section of the cattery to the other. But the MacNoodle doesn't take any nonsense and she quickly dealt with them. Unfortunately, given the small matter of some wire and space between herself and the gatecrashers, Madam's solution involved hissing and swatting Mags repeatedly. Oh well, what's a few more lacerations between friends, right? Like all good parties, the host passed out at the end, drooling contentedly on Mags' lap until visiting time was up.

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