Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Let’s get physical (physical)…

Okay, so Alien Wally and Mags are thankfully not clad in the lurid spandex popularized by Olivia Newton-John and which Madonna keeps trying to bring back (No, Madge, no – some of us were actually happy when the fashion of the 70s and 80s experienced a not-so-tragic demise…). The two are, however, now card-carrying and tasteful-natural-fibre-wearing members of the gym across the road from their block of flats.

How on earth did this flurry of physical activity begin? And more, importantly, does this mean the end of the Pringles?

Last question first: No, absolutely not – Pringles are good.

First question last: Well, now, this is an interesting one. Mags is convinced that the universe heard her comment to Alien Wally about how they should be doing more exercise – and actually took her seriously. Because, lo and behold, a few days later, what should arrive in the post but a letter from the gym offering Alien Wally and Mags free monthly passes. Mags could almost hear the universe chuckling… you wanted exercise, well here it is – it’s right across the road and it’s even free! It’s an offer that you simply can’t refuse.

Ah, Mags jokes, but she and Alien Wally are actually very happy. Their first few sessions at the gym have been wonderful, even if their under-used muscles now scream as they try to lift the suddenly heavy Pringles to their mouths….

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