Saturday, 15 September 2007

Sticking to her knitting.

The last time Mags knitted anything, she was 13 years old and in junior school. Knitting was good and fun, and was the better option after Mags had been banned from using the sewing machine because the bobbin kept breaking every time she sat down at it. Hey, some people mysteriously break computers. Mags had (has) the same effect on sewing machines. Go figure.

Anyway, now Mags has taken up her knitting needles again and is knitting up a storm. Or at least, knitting scarves so that she and Alien Wally are warm in the storms. The sun is rising later and going to bed earlier here in Scotland, and winter approacheth.

But Mags reckoned without the challenge of knitting anything with the MacNoodle around. Buried deep in the collective unconscious of cats is a knitting archetype. Madam loves the wool, to be sure, but even just the sight of the knitting needles is enough to get Madam’s whiskers twitching and eyes crossed with concentration as she figures out how to pounce for maximum wool-gathering effect….

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