Wednesday, 26 September 2007


Strike a pose!

“Welcome, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Mercedes, and I will be your guide for this trip to Edinburgh Zoo. Aah, who are we kidding, actually? I don’t get out of bed for less than £10 000…. You’ll have to amuse yourselves, dahlings.”

And so Alien Wally and Mags did just that. Here are some highlights of the day:

They’re not even African penguins, yet crime is rife in this small patch of Edinburgh suburbia. You have to keep a close watch over your neighbours – if you turn your back they sneak up and steal your pebbles….

And while it takes courage to stand up to your neighbours, it seems that, for some at least, it takes much more to get up the nerve to take the plunge. After about 5 false starts, this chap gave up on the diving board and waddled off to get more fish.

Perhaps the penguins need to employ armour-plated bodyguards to protect them. These guys not only look tough, but can clear a room in two seconds flat by turning their backs on everyone and making, well, let’s just call it a very large deposit.

Proof that some small dainty looking bokkies actually do have nasty pointy teeth….

And lastly, the MacNoodle’s cousins illustrate the fact that cats will be sleepy cats, no matter how big they are.

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