Thursday, 18 October 2007

Officially The Best Place To Live

Yes, folks, Alien Wally and Mags’ arrival in Edinburgh has clearly raised the tone of this city – last night it was officially announced as the best place to live in the UK. Channel 4’s Location Location Location, responsible for compiling the list of best and worst places, was broadcast live from the city last night, and your intrepid reporters braved the cold weather to be there to witness this great event.

Given the bus timetables, Alien Wally and Mags arrived at the venue early (about 19:30), although they weren’t the first in the queue. Luckily, Edinburgh’s weather played along for the night and stayed clear, as it turned out to be a long wait in the queue. Luckily, too, Alien Wally and Mags had dressed warmly, as clear weather also means crisp, fresh (i.e. cold) weather! Thank goodness for those scarves that Mags knitted – she is pleased to report that they work very well! The reason for the long delay in getting inside was a result of the pre-show checks and preparations running late – this was the first live show that the Location team had done and it seemed that there were a few unexpected issues that crept up on them. Finally, at 20:30, the audience was allowed into the building. All in all, the crowd was smaller than expected, and all the people on the “reserve” list, who had come along in the hopes of getting in, made it through the doors. Next year, if (when!) Edinburgh wins again, the show’s producers may want to consider broadcasting the show at a time that doesn’t clash with a football match (Scotland v Georgia) – they may get a bigger group….

Once inside, the audience was treated to drinks and canapés, in a cocktail party-like atmosphere. As the best place to live was being kept a secret from the viewing public, the kilted barbarians (yes, there were some!) and other audience members were kept in a separate room until the end of the show when the reveal took place. Along with said drinks and food, the show’s producers very kindly provided a big screen TV for the audience. But they forgot the chairs…. After standing in the queue for an hour, Mags was not going to stand for another hour and a half to watch the show, so she sat down anyway. On the floor. She dragged Alien Wally down with her just in case no-one else had tired feet, but she needn’t have worried – her action started a trend and soon about 90% of the group had joined her.

Shortly before the end of the show, everyone was given a glass of champagne and herded back outside for the big reveal. Champagne! Mags likes champagne! Want to know how to torture Mags? Place a glass of champagne in her hands and then tell her, “For continuity purposes, you are NOT allowed to drink your champagne.” What?! Were they kidding?! Nope, not kidding, though everyone was allowed to finally slake their thirst once the show’s credits had rolled.

So there Alien Wally, Mags and the other audience members were, waiting patiently outside, listening (via speaker) to the presenters inside announce, “and the best place to live is…”. There was a brief pause. Oh, yes, that’s the cue everybody! Champagne glasses in the air! Yell! Edinburgh!

During the brief period of revelry, the presenters made their way outside to join the crowd. Kirsty! And her stilettos! Phil! And his suit! Some interviews with some members of the crowd about why they love Edinburgh, and then it was all over. Bar the drinking of the champagne of course!

Was the evening fun? Hmmm, Alien Wally and Mags would probably have to say no, given that they would have been more comfy on their own couch. But was the evening interesting? Hmmm, yes. TV, she is not so glamorous behind the scenes, but it is nevertheless interesting to get a glimpse of what goes on. Most importantly, did Alien Wally and Mags get their 15 minutes seconds nano-seconds of fame? Hmmm, they don’t know yet! If you saw the show, please send fan letters to Alien Wally and Mags to let them know (clue: Mags would have been the person with the red nose, rosy cheeks and frizzy hair courtesy of standing outside in the cold. The handsome man next to her, pretending not to be affiliated in any way with that crazy lady, would have been Alien Wally).

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