Tuesday, 12 February 2008

The Home Of Golf

Having Ruby in the family means that Alien Wally and Mags can now go further afoot (um, by car) on the weekends. A little while ago, they gave Ruby a run through the Kingdom of Fife, all the way up to St Andrews.

So what did Alien Wally and Mags do in this illustrious Home Of Golf? Play golf? Nope... they don't know how to wield clubs. Or rather, they can wield clubs, just not safely. Did they at least look at the golf course? Nope... Well, sorta... they had driven past the unassuming golf course before they realised that That was It. Surely there should be neon flashing signs or something equally glitzy to indicate these hallowed greens? Because you just know that Donald Trump's new golf course will be blinged to the nines, and St Andrews may just pale in comparison.

What Alien Wally and Mags did do, was go and visit the old abbey and graveyard. Again. Yes, they've done this before here. And here. And let's not forget here. Or... here.

But... only in St Andrews' graveyard does one find gravestones like this one. Let's see Donald Trump try to top this... hah!

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