Sunday, 13 April 2008

The Other Other Castle

Mags has been pondering this entry for a while. What does she say about Edinburgh Castle? She could, of course, open a thesaurus and list various superlatives – beautiful, magnificent, splendid, stunning, superb, breathtaking, majestic, impressive… and so on ad infinitum. But surely that would get boring after a while?

So she asked Alien Wally what she should write about their visit to the Castle. His reply: “Tell them we went to the Castle and here are some pictures.”

Hmmm. Not very helpful then. So Mags pondered some more. And still more. No creative juices flowing this last week it seemed. And in the meantime, MacNoodle fans were getting impatient waiting for their favourite blog.

So Mags officially Gives Up. And reluctantly takes Alien Wally’s advice… We went to the Castle. Here are some pictures:

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