Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Alien Wally's Pic Of The Day

Welcome to Alien Wally's pic-of-the-day series. Having been at a loss for words since October 2007, he has decided to give up and resort to pictures. He aims to publish a picture every day, however in a weasel move designed to ease the burden of having to take a picture every day, he reserves the right to occasionally post older photos as the mood (or weather) takes him.

In fact, just to ensure this right is understood, he's going to start by posting a picture taken yesterday, today.

This was taken on Alien Wally's lunchtime stroll up Calton Hill, about 15 minutes from his office. For those doubters out there, that is blue sky you can see, and the image was not digitally manipulated. Contrast this with earlier pictures of Calton Hill, also taken during one of Alien Wally's lunchtime strolls.

Disclaimer: it is likely that Alien Wally's ability to string words together to go with the photos will deteriorate as this series progresses. But then, this is the "Pic Of The Day", not the "Pic And Blurb Of The Day".

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